StriveUp Meeting
Ready for the next level in your online meetings with clients?
Your business requires more than a conventional video conference! Boost your website with interactive features for customer support and online meeting! StriveUp Meeting provides you an interactive platform to prepare your business meetings and bring an exceptional experience in online meetings to your clients.

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Expand your business on the Internet providing the best remote service platform to your clients
Using StriveUp Meeting, not only will you count on prime features for your video conference room branded with your company logo, additionally you will have access to our StriveUp's Commitment Manager.

The commitments agreed between you and your clients, are the key to the success of your business. StriveUp is committed to this, so we developed a powerful tool to manage these commitments since they are agreed upon in your business meetings.

Some benefits
  • Make your business meeting easier and prepare them in less time.
  • Increase your capacity to serve clients.
  • Work with your customer support client in a coordinated manner.
Main features
Virtual Meeting Room
Video conferencing
  • Commitments and To-Do List.
  • Clients folder.
  • Chat.
  • Screen sharing.
Virtual Office Essential
A business center on your website for your clients.

  • List of commitments with clients per Job Order
  • Appointment Management
  • Brand your virtual office with your logo and colors
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